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    Surface Mateable
    Our in house engineered and developed electrical technology is at the forefront of harsh
    environment requirements. Our products have been extensively tested both internally
    and externally and are held proven on major local, national and international projects.
    OIL & GAS    
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    36kV Hydro Renewable
    Hydro Group has overcome offshore hazardous sea conditions with
    the design and production of our HRC range 12 KV and 36 KV. These
    connectors are the evolution from our original junction box design
    which reduced installation time from 1 week to less than 12 hours.
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    Submarine Turret
    Submarine Pressure Hull Penetrators carry an extremely high capacity of data
    and therefore can help to reduce the previous level of equipment fitted to
    submarines, and in the case of communication and control systems reductions
    could be as great as 50%.
Hydro Group Systems are market leaders in providing custom engineered cable-connector assembly solutions for subsea applications in both domestic and international markets.
Our fully blocked penetrators are available in both singlemode and multimode with all optical / electrical combinations. Pressure tested up to 10,000psi.
Hydro Group offer a range of different fiber optic options including single mode, multimode, tight buffered, loose tube, steel tube, plastic tube and ruggedized.
Hydro Group designs and manufactures subsea Underwater Mateable Connectors and Surface Mateable Connectors to client specifications.